About us

Business Culture

Unicorn Fintech always strives to develop and improve new technologies to meet the needs of usage and transformation of businesses nowadays. We want to create great value and have a profound impact on people's lives every day through small changes from technology.

- Trust - We act with integrity and independence by holding ourselves and each other accountable, ethical and reliable in all that we do.
- Innovation - We innovate to serve our customers, drive our growth and win in dynamic business environments.
- Partnership - We work together, with each other, with our customers and with industry partners to deliver superior results and experiences.
- Performance - We deliver results and we excel at work that positively affects the world.

Our Values

Our value builds our culture.
Unicorn Fintech helps businesses manage infrastructure on cloud computing that is decentralized, faster, cheaper, and more efficient. This is considered a revolutionary technological advance in data storage, use and distribution.

We will deploy a decentralized server network for the operating system, to support enterprises and governments to deploy a decentralized cloud-based data management and storage model. We will build this infrastructure and deploy it widely to support digital transformation on a global scale.
We build an operating system based on Blockchain technology to bring transparency and not be affected by third parties during storage and conversion.

Based on this, Big Data will be stored in combination with Artificial Intelligence (A.I), bringing intelligent transactions, meeting the specific needs of each business and customer.

Our responsibilities

Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion
At Unicorn Fintech Limited, we all have a shared responsibility to do business in a way that respects, protects and benefits our customers, employees, communities, suppliers and the environment.

This responsibility means that we do support for People, Markets and World: how to create a more diverse, smarter, more convenient and inclusive work environment, by using its intelligence and technology to contribute to the knowledge-based economy; how to make the surroundings more sustainable?

Every action counts. All values are expressed through technology and put people at the center.