On July 22-23, the Vietnam – Korea Cooperation Forum was held at Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81. The Vietnam – Korea Cooperation Forum (VIKO30) and BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HOCHIMINH 2022 are considered events that promote Vietnam – Korea cooperation. promote the interference in the multi-platform of the two countries Vietnam – Korea.
with the participation of hundreds of delegates and leaders of the two countries. The event also received great attention from nearly 1000 listeners from regions across Vietnam.

The event is organized by Association for Liaison with Overseas Vietnamese (ALOV), Vietnam Innovation Startup Ecosystem (VSTART), Korean-Vietnamese Economic and Cultural Association (KOVECA) and 30 associations. , Korea Industry Association and VIKOTRA Corp. In addition, the event that is considered to be the “nucleus” of the VIKO30 framework is BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HOCHIMINH 2022, organized by METAHUB as the “host”.

It can be said that BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HOCHIMINH is the core activity of the Vietnam-Korea Cooperation Forum (VIKO30) and is particularly interested and mentioned in speeches by senior leaders. After the end of the opening ceremony, the seminar on the topic of Vietnamese Blockchain in the digital transformation era officially took place. With the purpose of strongly exploiting and conveying information related to the Opportunities & Challenges of Vietnamese Blockchain startups in the Blockchain field, Blockchain applications in practice, Sharing the development journey of projects Blockchain Vietnam and Korea, the discussion received strong support from individuals and organizations with interest in new technology platforms. The guest speakers also especially emphasized, the application of Blockchain in practice is extremely great, the demand for this field is increasing and the number of Vietnamese people knowledgeable about Blockchain needs to be increased in the upcoming years.

Also on the same day, the Conference to promote Korean FDI in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces and the signing ceremony of cooperation in the development of Blockchain technology between Vietnam and Korea were also conducted. The chain of activities is considered a leap of the Vietnamese economy in general and the country’s Blockchain industry in particular, promising to bring positive achievements in the near future.

Continuing the successful series of the launch day, BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HOCHIMINH 2022 continues on July 23 and brings useful knowledge about new platforms in the Blockchain field such as DeFi, WEB3, DAO, NFT, Metaverse . Also in the discussion session, experts in the field also said that, although Blockchain is a relatively new term for Vietnamese people, the development of this industry in the country is still quite young. However, the signs that promote and build for the growth of Blockchain are being emitted very positively. The guidelines and policies of the government are increasingly clear and have a strong impact on the “maturity” of this new technology in the future.

Not only Vietnamese speakers, special guests from Korea also gave positive comments about the development of this technology platform with great potential. The team of young, energetic and progressive businesses is considered a strong point to help make the Blockchain industry soon develop in Vietnam and even catch up with Korea soon.

Finally, the event was officially closed successfully, receiving recognition from individuals and organizations at home and abroad.
As the media partner of BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HOCHIMINH 2022, UFIN would like to thank the Meta Hub team for working at full capacity to organize a meaningful event for the Blockchain market.

Wish Meta Hub will organize more successful events in the future!


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