UFIN cooperates with DTS Alliance to research digital transformation technology

UFIN cooperates with the DTS Alliance to establish a research center to apply new technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, AI, etc. to serve digital transformation for businesses.

In the context of Covid-19 in the world and in Vietnam is still complicated, the programs of events and online conferences are always enhanced to ensure safe operations. Therefore, the DTS Alliance has signed a contract with Ufin (Unicorn Fintech) in an online form to both proactively respond to the situation and meet the work schedule and set goals.

Ông Leon Trương - Chủ tịch Liên minh DTS (phải) trong buổi ký kết trực tuyến với Ufin. Ảnh: DTS.

Mr. Leon Truong – Chairman of DTS Alliance (right) in the online signing session with Ufin. Photo: DTS.

The signing ceremony is a milestone marking an important moment for the DTS and Ufin Alliance, in order to agree on a plan towards a common goal in establishing and building a research center to apply new technologies in transformation. digital support for businesses in Vietnam and in the region.

The DTS Digital Transformation Alliance is a gathering place for a community of reputable businesses, individuals and organizations operating in the fields of digital technology, digital services and e-commerce. Since its establishment, DTS has organized training programs to support and advise businesses on digital transformation, trade promotion activities and receive trust from the community, domestic and international businesses.

Up to now, the DTS Alliance has become a strategic partner with industry associations, media units, educational institutions and large technology companies. These include VECOM, VIA, Business Association of High Quality Vietnamese Products, HUBA, Vietnam Today Magazine, Media One, FUNiX, IM Group, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, MCV Group, FTI, Interloan… Besides, this organization is also a strategic partner with international units such as Casugol, GMO and Ufin. With its potential and advantages, the DTS Alliance will work with partners to build an ecosystem of technology application to support businesses in the digital economy.

Mr. Leon Truong – Chairman of the DTS Alliance said that promoting the digital transformation of Vietnamese businesses not only needs the support and contributions of domestic enterprises and organizations, but also the cooperation of other organizations. international.

“In order to go further, we need to take shortcuts and reach out to units and organizations that have achieved international success. The establishment of a lap center is to ensure the application of technology in local businesses. more suitable,” shared Mr. Leon Truong.

Đại diện Ufin trong buổi ký kết online với Liên minh DTS. Ảnh: DTS.

Representing Ufin in the online signing session with DTS Alliance. Photo:  DTS.

Ufin is a Fintech unit in the UK, operating mainly in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud computing and operating systems (OS). This startup has successfully developed a decentralized operating system, advanced technology to help businesses store, use and distribute data quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Currently, Ufin aims to promote technology transfer to more than 20 countries, including some notable markets such as Canada, China, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, India, Japan, Korea, Germany , Russia, Switzerland, Singapore… In which, Vietnam is one of the destinations that Ufin focuses on, starting with the strategic cooperation relationship with the DTS Digital Transformation Alliance.

After the cooperation, DTS together with Ufin and the ecosystem of the DTS Alliance will jointly plan and implement activities to create the DxSpace platform – a human-centered digital social platform. In which, the orientation is to pursue an alliance strategy to link with partners providing digital infrastructure and technology platforms to resonate resources to attract and support technology startups to develop an ecosystem of applications. serve the interests of the digital community and the digital society.

With the optimization of resources and strengths of each party, the DTS Alliance and Ufin, a research and application center for new technologies in digital transformation, promise to create a breakthrough and bring a lot of value to the community. future social and economic community.

Source: https://vnexpress.net/lien-minh-dts-hop-tac-ufin-nghien-cuu-cong-nghe-chuyen-doi-so-4280789.html


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