The International Conference on Blockchain and Advanced Financial Management (ICBAFM) is a meeting place for scholars and practitioners around the world, sharing the latest research, and connecting international cooperation in the Blockchain, business, management, finance and banking towards the common goal of world economic recovery. The conference took place successfully both online and offline on June 23 and June 24. 

On June 23, the conference started with the opening speech of  Dr. Ho Thanh Tung (Ton Duc Thang University), he emphasized the changing global trend and trend of digitalization,  Blockchain technology is creating drastic changes in governance and finance. Many leading experts gave remarkable speeches on Digital Technology and Blockchain, including Financial Technology (Fintech), Regulations and rules of technology in finance, Blockchain Solutions, Big Data, Blockchain Technology, Financial Markets, Financial Institutions in the Technological Age, Fintech Behaviors and Performances.

Some pictures in the event:

On the afternoon of June 24, within the framework of the International Conference on Blockchain and Advanced Financial Management (ICBAFM), the Workshop with the topic “Application of Blockchain in the financial industry” took place with the goal of connecting and opening up opportunities for business development. scientific cooperation between universities, institutes, research centers in the world, industry associations and businesses in Vietnam.

UFIN is very pleased to join as co-sponsor as well as guest to share and listen to the knowledge and practical experience from many perspectives of experts from all over the world.

At the event, experts said that Blockchain is no longer just a concept of the future, but indeed, Blockchain has real products, has been strongly participating in the fields of economic and social life. associations, including the banking and finance sector.

In fact, Blockchain can be applied in most of the economic and financial industries, manufacturing industry, healthcare, education, environmental resources, trade, tourism, and services.

As an innovative new technology with the power to disrupt past and present economic models and reshape future markets, Blockchain is also considered to hold great potential for the future. emerging markets to be able to rise up quickly.

UFIN is very happy with the positive signals in the Vietnamese economy with its openness and willingness to learn and adapt to new things.  This will certainly be a great stepping stone for new potentials and factors for the Vietnamese economy. We believe that the conference will be a premise that opens up many opportunities for digital transformation in Vietnam, helping to promote the development of a growing economy.


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