Took place in 24 July in Ho Chi Minh city, The Manga Comic Con 2022 event has officially closed with the enthusiastic reception and participation of young people who are passionate about comics and movies (Manga / Anime).

The event has created a playground not only for young people but also a place for domestic and foreign comics, models, and movies have the opportunity to bring their products to a diverse audience.

Gathering more than 11,000 attendees, the Manga Comiccon 2022 event was really a gathering place for many young people sharing the same passions and interests, creating a cohesive and broader community.

During this event, UFIN had a booth promoting the game Zuki Moba, a MOBA game with lovely chibi graphics and easy-to-understand gameplay for beginners. The game has received a positive reception from young people participating in Manga Comiccon 2022, promising remarkable potential in the young community.

As a Platinum sponsor and a media partner accompanying the event, UFIN would like to thank the event’s staff for their enthusiastic support. Thank you for visiting and experiencing UFIN’s booth.

UFIN hopes that the Manga Comic event will return with a larger scale and greater success in the future.


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