On November 22, 2022, the event “Announcing the establishment of the NFT Union” officially took place at Majestic Saigon Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City. The event attracted about 200 guests including representatives of technology companies, game publishers, representatives of media agencies, investment funds, and reputable Blockchain organizations in Vietnam.

Although it has been around for a few years, NFT (non-fungible token) has recently created a “craze” and has become the topic of discussion of many technology groups, appearing all over the Internet. Based on the blockchain technology platform, NFT is not only booming in the field of games, or crypto investment but also spreading to the fields of art and fashion. The development of Metaverse with many new technologies applied also becomes the driving force behind the development of NFT in the future.

Realizing this great potential, the NFT Union was established in the spirit of joining hands to contribute to and develop the NFT community in Vietnam, creating a new step for the technology-loving community to catch up with the global trend, improving competitiveness with enterprises in the international community. Thereby, building images and communicating about the activities and contributions of the NFT industry to the development of society, contributing to bringing Vietnam’s digital assets to reach and catch up with the global trend.

NFT Union brings together individuals, member units, and large organizations in the technology industry, Blockchain in general and NFT in particular with the vision of becoming the nation’s number 1 prestigious organization in this field.

At the event, there was also a signing program between members in the Union including OpenLive & Ufin; OpenLive & Ufin & DTS Foundation & Fundgo; DTS Foundation & Playground , OpenLive & CRVN

The units participating in the contract signed for the purpose of developing the metaverse project in the Vietnamese market, bringing Metaverse to real life; aims to support capital for startups to develop and support NFT projects.

UFIN is honored to be a part of the alliance and has the opportunity to connect with other member businesses, thereby expanding relationships as well as developing a close network of NFT communities in Vietnam. In addition, UFIN was also honored to participate in the preparation and promotion of the event. Seeing the event take place successfully is also a great happiness for the UFIN team.

The launch of the NFT Union and the signing of cooperation agreements of the units markedly opened a new step for the NFT community in Vietnam, where experts met and shared their vision and mission to promote Vietnam’s development. digital economy development.


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