Recently on October 16, the PanCakeFi project was officially launched after a long time of incubation.

Right from the first days of launch, PanCakeFi received an investment of up to 50,000 USD from the community. This is a big step forward, showing the support, faith, and expectations of the community for the PanCakeFi project.

With this successful capital raise, the PanCakeFi team will have more conditions and opportunities to focus on project development, with the desire to bring great functions and utilities to users.

More specifically, to be able to reach this huge amount of capital, it is impossible not to mention the great help and support from the JLaunchpad launcher. As a launchpad with a solid and long-standing foothold in the blockchain market, JLaunchpad owns a large and open community that welcomes potential new projects. JLaunchpad has helped PanCakeFi, a newly launched project, reach more investors and communities, thereby expanding relationships and credibility for the project.

PanCakeFi is the world’s Earn up to 1000% fixed and compounding APY per year with the system of PanCakeFi NFTs while keeping the core of DeFi 2.0 collectible NFT ecosystem focused on incubating Metaverse and Web3 unicorns.

PanCakeFi is not one of those typical Defi short-lived projects, it has a long-term vision and strong fundamentals. The main purpose of PanCakeFi is to offer the financial security, NFTFi, Metaverse, and Web3.0 that is now lacking in the cryptocurrency world.

At PanCakeFi, the fee for depositing and withdrawing liquidity is 0% because we are confident PanCakeFi is attractive enough to keep liquidity providers with us.

The developers’ vision is to combine both the advantages of a DeFi 2.0 token and a compelling NFT, making PanCakeFi become the project that has the most current trendy features in DeFi 2.0 + NFTFi + Metaverse + Web3.0. By creating an entirely new and attractive trend in the crypto space, we will build an ultra-engaged community where everyone can profit significantly from holding PanCakeFi and stake PanCakeFi.

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