Ufin announced 5 million USD investment into Vero Farm project

Ufin recognized the potential development and long-term value of NFT technology in early 2021, as well as ecosystem expansions, technology, and resource support for potential projects. After more than two months of negotiations, Ufin decided to invest $5 million in the Vero Farm project, an NFT Blockchain Game.

Vero Farm Introduction

With the free play feature, users can both relax in a peaceful and airy space in the countryside while participating in activities such as farming, planting, breeding, and tree care. In addition, players can gain experience by fighting monsters and battling with other players to defend their own land and farm. If they win, they will receive bonuses and items thanks to the Play to Earn mechanism. Furthermore, Vero Farm uses a unique model called Hold to Earn to add value to the community. For each fee that users pay to the network, 50% of that amount will be automatically distributed to VERO Token existing holders according to the corresponding amount.

In Vero Farm, all characters, items, and collections are encrypted to become NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), a type of digital asset created with Blockchain technology and represented by a unique chain of code that cannot be replaced. The usability of these NFT assets is determined not only by the value of the characters or items themselves, but also by their exclusive ownership, as evidenced by a chain of NFT codes. As a result, the items become one-of-a-kind. Even though there are countless copies floating around or available for free on the Internet, only the NFT owner has rights to the original item.

Vero Farm will launch a Fair Launch in the near future to issue the VERO Token publicly and transparently on Jlaunchpad, a platform dedicated to assisting startups raise funds. Simultaneously, Vero Farm will lock up 80 percent of the total capital raised as a firm commitment to the community about the project’s financial security.

Vero Farm is expected to launch a demo of NFT Marketplace for the community to try out in November 2021, with the official version following a month later.

Ufin has been consulting, following up, and supporting Vero Farm since the beginning in order to improve the features, network, and system so that users can enjoy it sooner. The Ufin and Vero Farm teams hope that users will not only have fun and relax, but will also be able to practice and improve tactics, teamwork, and other skills, as well as obtain more valuable NFT assets.

Source: https://cryptodaily.io/ufin-announced-5-million-usd-investment-into-vero-farm-project/

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