With various projects produced and launched in the past, the Defi and Web3 blockchain market has never ceased to catch the attention of a huge number of users and the community. Numerous additional DeFi 2.0 projects have emerged over the last two years, with a total value locked that will surpass $270 billion on November 26, 2021. Each of these initiatives seeks to address one or more fundamental issues.

However, it can be difficult to pick out a project that is worth investing in from the sea because some are transient.

Following the excitement with the news that PanCakeFi has raised $50,000 USD from the community after launching a few days, now, PanCakeFi has just received another good news from UFIN.

UFIN is a business that specializes in infrastructure and technology, and it frequently invests in and incubates prospective new startup initiatives. UFIN recently promised to sponsor PanCakeFi with $100,000 USD for marketing in order to help promote and bring PanCakeFi closer to the community.

Being noticed and agreed to invest by a large corporation like UFIN is a great honor for the PanCakeFi project as well as implicitly affirming the prestige, reliability and potential that UFIN sees in the PanCakeFi project. With its large investment and partner network, UFIN will help PanCakeFi go further to develop its own user community. UFIN, in addition to supporting investment, will evaluate projects according to their ideas and provide the platform with the necessary tools to create a solid launch pad for future development.

In addition to UFIN, PanCakeFi works with other partners in a variety of industries, including e-wallets, investment funds, media partners, and livestreams like Binance Live, Huobi Live, Jlaunchpad, Zodi Pay, and PancakeSwap. In the near future, PanCakeFi intends to provide users with a wide range of services and the greatest possible experiences thanks to this diversified network of partners.

PanCakeFi is the world’s Earn up to 1000% fixed and compounding APY per year with PanCakeFi NFT. DeFi 2.0 collectible NFT ecosystem focused on incubating Metaverse and Web3 unicorns. We are aiming to simplify and ensure sustainable growth in value. Although DeFi is good and has lots of potential, it can be quite complicated for the beginners. That’s why PanCakeFi provides a seamless and simplified mechanism for even the beginners to earn.

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