With the NFT-game market is going strong in recent years, it is not surprising that a lot more potential games have been announced and launched these days. Ufin has been investing in some NFT-game projects before, and lately, has their eyes fixed in HEROES TD, a tower-defense NFT game.

HEROES TD is a 3D GameFi built with Heroes metaverse. With their tower-defense game style, it required players to think of their strategy to accomplish their mission. The game offers a wide range of character casts, along with supporting items that accompany players in their journey. There are several game modes that players can choose from to enjoy, making it intriguing and entertaining. 

The special gameplay and characters cast is one strong point for HEROES TD, but the game also offers chances to earn profit through playing the game with its Play-to-Earn systems like PvP Leaderboard or Marketplace.

HEROES TD has a strong backend support team with experienced team leaders. Some of the notable names are VNDC Ventures, AlphaTrue, Alpha Moon Capital, Monihub, Live Trade,… About the creator, they have been founded in 2013 and make cross-platform games, and ever since 2015 they have started to focus on developing online strategy games such as GunGun Online, Chess TD,…which have reached more than 8 million downloads on mobile stores.

According to their roadmap, the game will release its Alpha test in Q1/2022. That means they are willing to spend the months left in 2021 to prepare in order to deliver the best final product to players later on. At the moment, HEROES TD is busy preparing for their official launch with the website, releasing the audit report, as well as Bounty Campain and IDO Whitelist events.

Even though being just announced their launching, the project has attracted lots of attention from the community through their social channels. We are expected it is going to explode even more when their alpha test is released!

With the investment from Ufin, HEROES TD is considered to be one of the potential games with its massive metaverse in the future. Let’s all wait and see!


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