Recently, according to official information published, UFIN technology group (Unicorn Fintech) has poured capital into Pazo Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Pazo Design).  This is considered a strategic move, showing that UFIN is expanding and diversifying its investment portfolio.

Pazo offers a variety of design services

It is known that Pazo Design is a design company specializing in logos and brand identity, under the leadership of Founder & CEO Nguyen Huu Long.  The strength of Pazo Design is super-fast design, high-quality products, and fastidious customers are also convinced by Pazo Design’s professionalism.  According to the assessment of BNI Vietnam, Pazo Design is in the Top of the promising startups in the market.

Pazo Design provides a wide range of products and services to meet the branding needs of customers, including logo design, brand identity, poster, banner, flyer, voucher, card, standee, catalog  , profile, brochure,… to powerpoint design, packaging, game characters,…

 Learn more about Pazo Design: www.pazo.vn

UFIN supports Pazo in every way

Attending the signing ceremony were Mr. Lucid Hoang – Founder of technology company Unicorn Fintech (UFIN) and Mr. Nguyen Huu Long – Founder & CEO of Pazo Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Pazo Design) and the board of directors and invited delegates.

After negotiation and exchange, UFIN agreed to invest in Pazo Design, not only financially but also in terms of technology and personnel.  In addition, UFIN is also a strategic advisor in the coming time, helping Pazo Design with future strategies and visions.

In the first phase, Pazo Design will provide plans and strategies suitable for business activities to bring peace of mind to partners, and at the same time promote comprehensive communication and product advertising activities. 

Invest to strengthen the Value Chain for the Technology Ecosystem

“In the next two years, Pazo Design aims to be in the TOP 1 position in the top choices of domestic and international businesses, becoming a strategic partner chosen by businesses (especially Vietnam).”, said Mr. Nguyen Huu Long.

UFIN started out as a start-up company specializing in Fintech. However, in the process of working and developing, the UFIN team realizes that the strengths and core values ​​that we want to bring to the community are technology software networks that help support people’s lives more and more conveniently.  More profitable, smarter and faster.

Therefore, UFIN has expanded its Technology ecosystem to many different technology fields in terms of software development, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Web3, cloud computing… and provides all accompanying services to support business development. The move to invest in a startup specializing in design like Pazo Design is considered an important step in expanding and strengthening the Value Chain for the Technology Ecosystem, helping UFIN develop more and more.

After the end, the representatives of the two sides shook hands to agree to accompany the development, in order to actively exploit the available strengths and potentials, and contribute ideas on goals and directions for mutual development in the coming time.

The signing ceremony took place successfully, with the recognition of the distinguished guests present at the ceremony. Wish UFIN and Pazo Design more success when accompanying and developing in the future.

About UFIN

UFIN is a pioneering technology corporation in providing 4.0 technology solutions and infrastructure software. UFIN is always at the forefront of applying Blockchain technologies to traditional business fields, promoting digital transformation. UFIN operates in 8 key areas including: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Metaverse, blockchain, Launchpad, cloud computing, NFT gaming, operating system development, NFT Marketplace. With the goal of bringing more value to customers, UFIN always aims to become a technology leader worldwide.


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