In 2022, UFIN established a relationship with the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) as a branch member.

About Vietnam E-Commerce Association

Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) is a non-governmental organization whose members are businesses, organizations and individuals who directly conduct business by e-commerce; or e-commerce applications in service of production and business activities; or research or provide e-commerce services.

The association operates on a voluntary, non-profit basis, aiming to gather, unite, cooperate, support and protect members to develop the e-commerce field in Vietnam.

The Vietnam E-commerce Association operates nationwide, according to the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

About UFIN

UFIN was established in October 2019 and operates mainly in 04 fields including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud computing, and operating system (OS) development. UFIN’s vision is to bring maximum value to customers. UFIN also aims to be the leading fintech company in the UK and around the world.

As a young start-up company in the UK, UFIN has successfully raised a seed round from international investors with a total capital of 21 million USD. This success demonstrates the strong growth potential of UFIN in the future. Currently, the company is valued at $100 million, ranking among the highest growth and valuation among seed-round startups.

Cooperation between UFN and the Association

As a member of the Association, UFIN will participate in joint activities with other affiliates to create a business environment in a way that respects, protects, and benefits customers, employees, the community, and the general environment:

  1. Advising and criticizing policies and legal regulations in order to create a favorable macro environment for research, development, and application of blockchain technology in economic activities, especially online business.
  2. Preside over and coordinate with the Association’s members, other organizations, businesses, and media units to deploy activities to popularize and propagate the benefits of blockchain technology.
  3. Coordinate with Association members and training institutions to organize training programs to develop regional and world-quality human resources in blockchain research and application.
  4. Proposing, consulting, and supporting blockchain research and application projects in a number of business fields with great socio-economic impact.
  5. Supporting young people and students to start a business in Blockchain application and development fields.
  6. Other activities are in line with the development of blockchain and the direction of the Association.

In the coming time, UFIN will join the Vietnam E-commerce Association and other members of the association together to create a more diverse, smarter, more convenient, and inclusive working environment, and how to use it effectively and Blockchain technology.


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