Ufin Launches Decentralized Operating System Hora OS

Hora OS is built on a modern technology platform that helping organizations and enterprises develop a safe and transparent digital ecosystem.

The development of technology is changing trading, production and business activities in all industries including cinema and art. In fact, technology is creating positive impacts to promote the development of economics in Vietnam and around the world.

As a UK-based start-up, Ufin operates in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Operating Systems (OS), with the aim of bringing convenience and maximum value for users and customers. Recently, Ufin has successfully raised Seed Round capital from international investors with a capital of USD 21 million.

Ufin focuses on implementing projects after raising a fund of USD 21 million

With the newly mobilized capital, Ufin used it to deploy new projects. Starting with the focus on a decentralized server network for the Hora OS operating system, to support organizations, enterprises and governments to deploy the storage model. Hora OS stores and manages data on decentralized cloud computing. Currently, Ufin has successfully developed and officially launched the first version of Hora OS.

Hora OS – Decentralized operating system based on technology

Hora OS is a decentralized operating system built on a combination of blockchain and cloud computing platforms, aimed at administering a network of computers through a decentralized protocol. Through the operation of nodes network that is located on computers around the world, Hora OS manages computing resources into a unified network and optimizes utilization by tokenizing computer processing performance, bandwidth and storage capacity.

With Hora OS, this distributed computing network has unlimited scalability and makes it easy to build applications. Thereby, the system can be managed via a decentralized protocol that helps to optimize resources and costs, bringing high performance and efficiency.

Ufin operates mainly in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Operating Systems (OS)
Ufin has made a big turning point when developing the Hora OS operating system. This is a new direction, a revolutionary step in the application of blockchain technology in many areas of life. At the same time, Hora OS also catches up with the trend of technology development on a human-centered platform.

The solution for optimizing the value of Hora OS

The decentralized operating system Hora OS offers optimal solutions for users, individuals and organizations. doa, users can access the ecosystem of decentralized applications easily, simply and anywhere when there is an Internet connection.

The system allows the development of an open-source platform under the supervision of a decentralized application developers community. Hora OS also owns a multi-layer peer-to-peer server architecture model with unlimited data processing network scalability, unifying decentralized data network layers together through a bridging mechanism data to help optimize data processing speed. At the same time, form a peer-to-peer digital ecosystem governance model that helps optimize cloud computing resources, bringing fairness, transparency and efficiency to the parties involved.

Hora OS plays an important role in helping organizations and enterprises digitize and store large volumes of databases and unit information to ensure safety with high security. In addition, through the decentralized operating system Hora OS, organizations and enterprises can exchange data with each other based on agreed principles.

The decentralized operating system model is considered the optimal solution for building and developing a secure ecosystem and transparency, optimal support for organizations and enterprises in the process of governance and management efficiency, saving time, optimizing costs and meeting the speed of global technology development.

Source: https://coinmarketcal.com/en/news/ufin-launches-decentralized-operating-system-hora-os
Hora Os Project: https://horaos.com
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