In the past time, in addition to developing the company’s main fields, Unicorn Fintech (UFIN) continues to pour capital into promising startups and bring real values ​​to users.
In addition to pouring capital, UFIN is also a strategic advisor and development orientation for startups. Create opportunities for Startup companies to access knowledge from the leading ecosystem – technology services of UFIN. Investing in young startups and new fields is also part of the company’s development strategy in the coming time.

UFIN takes advantage of its existing strengths and influence. Support startups to have the opportunity to work with famous corporations and businesses in the market. Leading and promoting startups to develop sustainably and create value chains in the future.

With more than 50 projects in the fields of technology platforms, exchanges, technology, blockchain, healthcare, entertainment such as GameFi, etc., currently, UFIN has more than 20 projects being invested. and grow very well. All projects are intended to reinforce the purpose and value that UFIN is aiming for, that is, all values are expressed through technology and put people at the center.
The projects in the investment portfolio of UFIN are among those that have been and are on the rise. Let’s take a look at some outstanding projects!

  1. Pazo Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Pazo Design)
    Pazo Design is a design company specializing in logos, and brand identity, under the leadership of Founder & CEO Nguyen Huu Long. The strength of Pazo Design is super-fast design, and high-quality products and fastidious customers are also convinced by Pazo Design’s professionalism. According to the assessment of BNI Vietnam, Pazo Design is at the Top of the promising startups in the market.

Pazo Design provides a wide range of products and services to meet the branding needs of customers, including logo design, brand identity, poster, banner, flyer, voucher, card, standee, catalog, profile, brochure,… PowerPoint design, packaging, game characters,…
Website: www.pazo.vn

  1. Zuki Moba Game Project
    Zuki Moba is a MOBA Esport (multiplayer online battle arena) game built on Blockchain technology with a focus on community benefits and decentralized economic applications. In-game NFTs are used to build characters, game items, and Metaverse structures. In addition, the Play to Earn mechanism is applied to create economic benefits for gamers, creating a unique point compared to traditional MOBA games.

The game is built inspired by the traditional Japanese snow throwing game (Yuki Gassen) –
Zuki Moba is famous throughout the gaming world because of its competitive sport, fun gameplay, and attractiveness, and can be developed into an electric sports game globally.
User audience: from 16+
Game type: Entertainment
Game Programming Languages: Unity, C#
Backend: C++, Nodejs
Website: https://zukimoba.com/

  1. Walk2Valley game project
    Walk2Valley is a Meta Healthy City, whereby users can utilize the VR Space and facilities to exercise and improve their health standard. The key product of Valley city is “Walk2valley NFT” Application, which follow the current hottest trends “Move to earn” in the financial market.

“Walk2valley NFT” app of Valley city, can measure the user’s daily steps as well as the calories spent during the journey and turn them into benefits by earning Cgold token and NFT items. Holding Cgold will help users multiply their wealth or qualify for the right to operate Valley city business.
Website: https://walk2valley.com/

  1. FootEarn Project
    FootEarn is the first 3D Esport game project to apply Blockchain and NFT technology, to bring the most authentic experiences to players. FootEarn possesses attractive, accessible gameplay that attracts gamers of all ages. In addition, Multiplayer mechanism, players can compete directly with other players in tournaments and receive prizes.
    Website: https://www.footearn.com/
  2. Zodi Pay project
    Zodi Pay is a multi-chain multi-wallet management solution. Easily store and distribute assets between different blockchains. Applying blockchain technology to Zodi Pay helps create a secure wallet platform that helps protect assets on a safe and reputable system.
    Website: https://zodipay.com/
  3. Jlaunchpad Project
    Jlaunchpad is a platform born with the goal of helping to reduce risks for investors when trading on the electronic market. Jlaunchpad provides and supports services that meet the needs of blockchain projects. Often investors face difficulty in distinguishing quality token projects from scam projects in the market.
    Website: https://jlaunchpad.com/

Above are all hot projects and potential startups that have just joined the UFIN ecosystem, bringing many products with features and values ​​to users and the UFIN ecosystem. The entry of startups helps UFIN expand its investment portfolio, improve its communication capacity, build its brand image, and add media power to the Ufin ecosystem in the long term.


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